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Interception protection for low bandwidth radio communication.

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PrivacyLiteVoice PLV2.0

Provides a high degree of immunity against eavesdropping for narrow band analog radio voice communication. The quality of the decrypted speech bears no difference to the original. By means of an easy-to-use configuration program the PLV2.0 can be adjusted to all popular radio sets and radio situations.

Front view The interface is easy to operate. Users see current device and security information at a glance.


  • Suitable for VHF/UHF radio communication for land and maritime operations
  • Developed for both stationary and mobile use
  • Supports new or existing AM/FM radio equipment


Operation characteristics

  • Easy handling
  • Switches the local and remote radio site to Secure mode at the touch of just one key
  • Audible indicator for Clear mode
  • 1000 keys selectable from your own individual key pool
  • Generates up to four predefinable configurations

Technical characteristics

  • Modern design
  • Powerful, safe and reliable communication
  • Three dimensional scrambling
  • Easy interfacing with a wide variety of radios
  • Connection to radio via handheld/headset port or via 600-Ohm AF line interface
  • Automatic resynchronization after radio silence
  • Quick and simple cloning of user-specific configuration settings into multiple PLV2.0 units
  • Automatic dimming of LCD backlight and LED, depending on ambient lighting conditions
  • Extensive Built In Test (BITE)
  • Wide supply voltage range (9..30VDC)
  • Supplied with mating connectors


  • Configuration kit, consisting of a “PLV Setup Cable 1E” and a “PLV2.0 Configuration” program for setting and cloning
  • Customer-specific cable sets
  • PLV2.0 battery pack (8 x AA) attachable with screws at the rear if no external DC power source is available
Battery pack The optional battery pack powers the device when used in mobile applications.


The PrivacyLiteVoice is applicable in a balanced line system with an impedance of 600 Ohm as well as in a standard operation between radio and headset.

Integration A typical wireless configuration using PrivacyLiteVoice modules.


275 g
Weight including battery pack
660 g
146 x 78 x 16 mm (L x W x H)
Dimensions including battery pack
146 x 78 x 34 mm (L x W x H)


Download technical manuals and detailed product information.

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