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When we develop a new device, we think about all there is to think about. So that you do not have to think about anything when you use it.

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Example glider navigation system (see references)

Griesmayr Electronic GmbH

We develop specialized electronic devices, leveraging more than 25 years of experience in communications and environment engineering.

We rely on modern processor technology, high-quality manufacturing and rigorous quality control.

Our approach

Every device is made of multiple components. And the quality of a product depends on how its components perform and interact.

Top quality is of paramount importance to us. Which is why we develop both the hardware and the software for our devices.
Precise synchronisation of electronics and software, a high-quality casing and easy operation are essential for perfect device performance.


Our customers appreciate our target-oriented solutions and the high quality of our products. We supply several renowned organisations in the commercial and public sector with specialized hardware and software solutions.

  • Established electronics and technology companies
  • Government organisations in 10 German and Austrian states for law enforcement and environmental measurement
  • Customers in countries across Europe and Asia

Here are a few products that we have developed for our customers:

  • GCA

    Gliding navigation system (application software by the customer)

  • mVBI210

    Train bus interface (application software by the customer)

  • Hydrolog Professional

    Program to evaluate rainfall and river data

  • Hydrologger

    Data capturing device with infra-red interface

  • Poseidon

    River and groundwater gauge

  • Bamatronik WA05

    Control unit for water treatment systems

  • Ombromat 1

    Rainfall gauge with data logger


Check out our product portfolio. If you have any questions, please contact us.